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Diamond CZ

Loose Cubic Zirconia

New in Stock 1 Carat lots of Moissanite
From £20.74 per carat

1 Carat Lots of Moissanite round brilliant hearts and arrows cut. All sizes from 0.7mm to 2.9mm in 1 carat lots at the latest lowest prices. Click picture above to see prices.

  1. Buy gems in any quantity
  2. Highest quality CZ that does not fade over time.
  3. Cut to high quality, please see our video's.
  4. Quick and painless ordering.
  5. All gems are in stock, ready for quick dispatch from the uk.
  6. Custom made gemstones can be ordered and cut.

High quality diamond simulants and created gems for use in jewellery making, gem collections, or just for decoration. The diamond simulants are very hard or impossible to tell from real flawless diamonds. They are even close in hardness to a real diamond and cannot be scratched, even slightly, by any normal household item. Diamond CZ, like diamonds, can scratch glass.

Small amounts of gems that can be easily told apart will be packaged together. If you would like them packed separately and labelled click here.

6A Quality cz
6A Quality
AAAAA Quality cz
AAAAA Quality
AAA Quality cz
AAA Quality
10 Hearts & Arrows cz
10 Hearts & Arrows
8 Hearts & Arrows cz
8 Hearts & Arrows
Star Machine Cut cz
Star Machine Cut
Swarovski CZ cz
Swarovski CZ
Moissanite cz
Flower & Hearts cz
Flower & Hearts
Wholesale Lots cz
Wholesale Lots
Round Brilliant cz
Round Brilliant
Princess Plus cz
Princess Plus
Princess cz
Pear cz
Emerald cz
Oval cz
Heart cz
Marquise cz
Old European Cut cz
Old European Cut
OEC Style 2 cz
OEC Style 2
OEC Style 3 cz
OEC Style 3
OEC Style 4  cz
OEC Style 4
Old Mine Cut cz
Old Mine Cut
Old Mine Pillow cz
Old Mine Pillow
Transitional Cut cz
Transitional Cut
Portugese cz
Asscher cz
Baguette cz
Barion Cut cz
Barion Cut
Brilliant Cushion cz
Brilliant Cushion
Brilliant Pillow cz
Brilliant Pillow
Vintage Cushion cz
Vintage Cushion
Rectangular Cushion cz
Rectangular Cushion
Trillion cz
Trillion Style 2 cz
Trillion Style 2
Modern Radiant cz
Modern Radiant
Original Radiant cz
Original Radiant
Radiant Style 2 cz
Radiant Style 2
Sunflower cz
Special cz
Rectangular Asscher cz
Rectangular Asscher
Rectangular Princess cz
Rectangular Princess
Sq Modern Radiant cz
Sq Modern Radiant
Beads cz
Concave cz
Antique Style cz
Antique Style
Rose Cut Full cz
Rose Cut Full
Flat back Rose cz
Flat back Rose
Cornered Baguette cz
Cornered Baguette
Emerald Princess cz
Emerald Princess
Synthetic Diamond cz
Synthetic Diamond
Created Emerald cz
Created Emerald
Lab Columbia Emerald cz
Lab Columbia Emerald
Lab Created Ruby cz
Lab Created Ruby
Lab Blue Sapphire cz
Lab Blue Sapphire
Lab yellow Sapphire cz
Lab yellow Sapphire
Lab White Sapphire cz
Lab White Sapphire
Created Alexandrite cz
Created Alexandrite
Flawed lab Ruby cz
Flawed lab Ruby
Lab Star Ruby cz
Lab Star Ruby
Lab Star Sapphire cz
Lab Star Sapphire
Cultured Sapphire cz
Cultured Sapphire
Lab Diff. Sapphire cz
Lab Diff. Sapphire
Czochralski Pulled cz
Czochralski Pulled
Lab Created Opal cz
Lab Created Opal
Lab Created Spinel cz
Lab Created Spinel
Sq Original Radiant cz
Sq Original Radiant
Star cz
Tapered Baguette cz
Tapered Baguette
Trapezoid Emerald cz
Trapezoid Emerald
Trapezoid Princess cz
Trapezoid Princess
Princess Baguette cz
Princess Baguette
Tear Drop cz
Tear Drop
Nanocrystal cz
Mystic CZ cz
Mystic CZ
Natural Gemstones cz
Natural Gemstones
Carre Cut cz
Carre Cut
Bags cz
Packaging Services cz
Packaging Services
Sales & Unique cz
Sales & Unique
Cornered Emerald cz
Cornered Emerald

Do our prices look too cheap?
Our prices are very competitive and you may think that they are too good to be true. If you think this is so then please buy one of the smaller stones as a sample, or for clearer pictures, see the gallery. If you do not see what you want listed below then please suggest a cut and size using the email address in the top right corner

Lab created Rubies

These lab created rubies match the chemical properties of a natural ruby, but unlike a natural ruby they are flawless.

Lab created ruby
Created Rubies

CZ Faceted Beads

Faceted pearls of diamond cz with holes drilled through the middle so they can easily be threaded onto bracelets or necklaces.

pearls of bling
Faceted Beads

Special Cuts

Choose from some rare gems and unusual cuts that are not normally found for sale to use in your jewellery or add to your crystal collection. Cuts include: Butterfly, elongated Triangles, a Millenium cut Pear, and a big cushion cut stone a bit like the hope diamond.

Special Cuts

Bag of Fake diamonds

This bag of fake diamonds is full of 56 popular gems for your jewellery, and they make really good gifts too, especially wedding gifts. The CZ's are the highest quality, which is the only quality we deal in.

Bag of Fake diamonds

Lab created Alexandrite

These lab created Alexandrites match the chemical properties of a natural Alexandrite (beryllium aluminium oxide), but unlike a natural Alexandrite they are flawless. These stones change colour, from green in sunlight, to purple in artificial light

Lab created Alexandrite
Created Alexandrite

Custom Gemstones

If you do not see the cuts and sizes you want here or the amount you want is not in stock then they can still be ordered,

please email to arrange.

For custom cut gemstones there is a charge of £20 per cut and colour on top of the price of the stones. There could be a minimum order based on the size of the stone

Cubic Zirconia Information

How much like a diamond is cubic zirconia?

Cubic zirconia has been made synthetically since 1976 and is still the best diamond simulant in the world today. When cut the same way as a diamond, it may be impossible to tell apart from a natural flawless diamond by sight alone without being examined under magnification, this is because the refractive index and dispersion are too close to that of a diamond to tell apart.

The problem is there are different qualities of CZ and the poor quality CZ's can be very poor, looking nothing like a diamond, this gives CZ a bad reputation. Other CZ stones are better quality but poorly cut or polished. It is not fair to judge Diamond CZ by one of these inferior stones. In a controlled test to see if an expert could pick out a diamond from a number of CZ's then the cz stones used would be top quality and cut the same as the diamond. The stones I sell are the best quality and the best cut, when buying a CZ as a diamond simulant you should choose these stones.

I think that identifying a CZ would normally be done by guess work, a CZ is always D white and flawless. A D White flawless stone is unlikely to be a natural diamond, so as soon as one is seen, it would be suspected to be CZ. But if the stone had flaws and sparkles like a diamond, then it is most likely to be a diamond.

All our 6A Cubic Zirconia is cut and polished to look like diamonds as much as possible. Diamonds are cut by hand, so it is possible for a jeweller to tell by looking at the facets and see that it was machine cut, our larger 6A stones, 5mm and over, are also cut by hand

How is it made?

CZ nearly always refers to synthetic man made cubic zirconia, but it also occurs naturally, natural cz is very rare. Synthetic CZ is made by heating zirconium oxide powder up to nearly 5000'F. Because it is so hot the powder needs to be heated from the centre outwards by radio waves so that the outer powder which is cooled by copper water pipes forms a crucible to contain it. As the mixture cools cz crystals grow. The zirconium oxide powder needs stabilisers and needs to be cooled carefully, the right balance of stabiliser and careful cooling determine the quality of the cubic zirconia.

The best quality crystals are flawless and are 8.5mohs in hardness. Lesser quality cubic zirconia is not so hard and may have small bubbles that implode and cause the stone to discolour over time, this doesn't happen with high quality cz. Because of its hardness it will last a long time, you can rub cz with ordinary sandpaper (not emery cloth) and it doesn't scratch.