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Here is a gallery of our gemstones, the gallery includes pictures taken by our customers of jewellery and other creations made with our stones and includes links to some of their websites. To upload your own photos and have your creations featured here, find the gem as you would when you are buying them then underneath the description, there is a link to the form to upload gems.


12x6mm Marquise, 1mm6A,1.2mm6a ams Sapphire ring Marquise Ring Vintage Cushion Ring Cushion Ring Rectangular Cushion Ring Asscher Ring Light Champagne Ring Triple Marquise 13x6,5 12x6 10x5        8 mm CZ 6MM 4mm 4mm 6mm Round Hearts & Arrows pink ebony ring cz 8mm 18 20 32 white cz papa pin 8mm ruby ebony cz 8mm ruby ebony pin 8mm colour change cz 1ct opal ebony ring 9x7 alexandrite ring 80 points alexandite pendant circa 3ct 5mm Trillions Earrings 8mm Warm OEC in Sterling Silver 7.5mm 3mm Hot Pink Lab Ruby silver american ring Pink gold ring with cz stones 8mm in Gold Ring 9mm in Silver Ring 7.5mm in Silver Ring 10x8mm Silver Ring 8mm Silver Ring 8mm Silver Ring skull ring with zirconia american signet ring custom american ring Tri Six with 5mm Cubic Zirconia 10x8mm and 8mm Tanzanite 4ct. Warm Cushion Cut 8mm 10mm OEC white 6mm OEC white 8mm OEC white 10mm warmer OMC 10mm OMC 8mm Tint OEC - 5mm Warm OEC - Light Champagne OEC 2 7.5 mm Light Champagne OEC 2 7.5 mm Old Mine Cut 7.5 mm OEC 2 style 7mm 8mm 8mm 8x6 Green Emerald Nanocrystal 8.5mm Yellow Tint 8 H&A Silver Solitaire H&A 5mm Solitaire & 3.5mm 4 Stone Band 7mm Princess Cut Silver Solitaire 7.5mm Yellow Tint OMC 925 Silver Ring 8mm Warmer OEC 6 Prong Silver Solitaire 6mm Light Yellow OEC 925 Silver Earrings 1 Skull Ring 8x6 Oval Chocolate 10x12mm rectangular white asscher cut 7mm & 7.5mm Asscher Pendants 8.3mm & 8.5mm Warmer Asscher Solitaires 7.5mm 8 H&A Cathedral Wedding Ring Set Warm&Lt Champagne Rings 7mm Cushion Silver Solitaire Ring 6mm pink ruby 3mm square lab created emerald 7.5mm Yellow Tint 8 H&A Silver Solitaire 8 H&A Cut - 6mm-10mm 7 Ring Comparison 7.5mm Warmer OEC 4 Prong Silver Ring 7mm Warmer OEC 6 Prong Silver Solitaire 5.25mm Warmer Princess Thin Silver Ring 8.2mm Warmer Princess Silver Ring 9x7mm/2.44Ct Warmer Emerald Silver Ring 6mm Warmer Asscher Argentium Earrings 5mm Warmer Princess .925 Silver Earrings 8mm Light Champagne Asscher Silver Ring 6.5mm LC OEC Sterling Silver Earrings 8mm OMC Sterling Silver Solitaire Ring 7mm Light Champagne Asscher Silver Ring 8.5mm 8Hearts&Arrows 6 Prong Silver Ring 6.5mm OEC Yellow Tint in 925 Silver Ring Another Ab Fab Ring Absolutely Fabulous Ring Another Fabulous Ring Fabulous Mens Ring 9.5mm Warmer Asscher Sterling Solitaire 7.5mm Yellow Tint 8 H&A 925 Silver Ring 7.5mm LC OEC Sterling Silver 6Prong Ring Sterling Silver 6mm Pillow Yellow Tint 3mm square emerald 20mm Round and 25x15mm Pear 1mm white zircon 7 mm ruby set on silver ring Gold and Silver Ring with 6mm Pillow Cut Bezel Prong Ring 6mm Hearts and Arrows Branch Twig Ring with 8mm Portuguese OEC Light Champagne 4mm 8mm OMC in Argentium Silver Ring 7.5mm Light Champagne Cushion in Silver 8mm Cushion in 4 Prong Silver Solitaire 7.5mm Asscher in Argentium Silver 6.5mm H Square Princess Silver Solitaire 7mm Square Radiant .925 Silver Solitaire 7mm Lab ruby - Art925 Edelsmederij 8mm 8mm Round 8x6 6mm Asscher Cut CZ Idealscope Image for 8mm H&A CZ Asscher Cut 6.5mm CZ 6x4 Warm Oval w/Brazilian Amethyst 7x5mm Warm Modern Radiant w/Iolite 10x8 White Modern Radiant Ring 9x6mm White Pear and Topaz Earrings 10mm Warm Cushion Pendant 8mm Light Champagne Princess Ring 8mm Light Champagne Princess Pendant Pear and other stones pair of 8mm Mystic OECs 8mm Mystic OEC sitting in empty setting 10mm Light Champagne Cushion Cut .925 8mm Round Brilliant Light Champagne 10x8mm 11x9mm 7x5mm modern radiant & blue sapphires 6mm Warm Round Brilliant .925 Earrings 8mm Round Brilliant 5mm white cz in 925 silver Silver Ring using 5mm cz \"Pretty Wild\" bracelet, 12mm cz. 4mm 7mm white and 5mm  ocean blue rounds 8mm round blue topaz 8mm blue topaz asscher 4mm eternity band 8x8mm Cushion Lab Blue Sapphire 2mm 1.5mm and 2mm 5x2.5mm white marquise 9mm Warm Colour H Round 9mm Warm Colour H Round 3mm Princess Cut 2mm round brilliant Lab Created Opal used as inlay Size of the stone is about 7mm. 9x4.5mm marquise 4mm trillion 5mm 7mm transitional 8x6mm radiant pendants 7mm OEC 5mm green cz 8x6mm center 7mm, sides 5mm 7.5mm warm white transitional center Cultured ruby 7x5mm H col. mod. radiant earrings 7x5mm mod. rad. pk sapp ring Oval H Color earrings OEC 7.5mm Cushions 7-7.5mm 7.5mm 7mm 2 5mm sides and 7mm center 7mm 10mm Princess Stone 6mm citrine 2mm hole bead 2mm cz Stone 7x5mm 7.5mm  Light Champagne OEC 10mm  Light Champagne Rose cut White CZ 10.0mm Champagne Old European Cut 7.0mm 10mm Light Champagne OEC 8mm White OEC 5mm Light Champagne Round Brilliant 5mm Light Champagne Round Brilliant 10mm 10MM Sterling filigree 6x6 Old Mine Cut Ring Gold Earrings with Sapphire Oval Ebony Ring with Pink Round Brilliant Tanzanite Round Tanzanite Trillion All Triangles All sizes of Original Radiant Green Emerald Triangle in the sun Ring Set with Created Alexandrite Ring Set with Oval Created Alexandrite Ring Set with Emerald Green Emerald Ring set with Citrine Princess CZ Ring set with Round Brilliant cz Ring set with Blue Sapphire CZ Ring set with 10 Hearts & Arrows CZ Ring Set with Cushion Cut CZ Ring set with 10 Hearts & Arrows Stone Round Brilliant Citrines Broilette 40x30 Original Radiant 14mm Princess Cut Rectangular Asscher 8x6mm


7.5mm 7.5mm:
20mm 20mm:
Dark Blue Topaz Dark Blue Topaz:
20x15mm 20x15mm:
12mm 12mm:
8x7mm 8x7mm:
14x12 and 16x12 14x12 and 16x12:
9.3mm 9.3mm:
White 20x15mm White 20x15mm:
8mm 8mm:
Pink Tint Pink Tint:
8mm 8mm:
8mm 8mm:
7x5mm 7x5mm:
6.5mm 6.5mm:
10x8mm 10x8mm:
10mm 10mm:
10mm 10mm:
7.5mm 7.5mm:
6.5mm 6.5mm:
10mm 10mm:
7.5mm 7.5mm:
9.3mm 9.3mm:
Blue Topaz Blue Topaz:
Regent Regent:
Light Tanzanite Hope Diamond Light Tanzanite Hope Diamond:
Centenary Centenary:
Archduke Joseph Archduke Joseph:
8mm 8mm:
Style 2 Star of Africa Style 2 Star of Africa:
3mm 3mm:
5.5mm 5.5mm:
8mm 8mm:
6.5mm 6.5mm:
Blue Topaz French Blue Blue Topaz French Blue:
12mm 12mm:
10mm 10mm:
6mm 6mm:
8mm 8mm:
6mm 6mm:
1mm white zircon 1mm white zircon: This is a pendant filled with a pavé of 1mm white zircon
7 mm ruby set on silver ring 7 mm ruby set on silver ring: This is a simple an aerial ring with a 7mm ruby set in place on a sterling silver ring.
Super Princess 20mm Super Princess 20mm:
10mm Cushion 10mm Cushion:
8mm Square Modern Radiant 8mm Square Modern Radiant:
Comparison to AAAAA and AAA Comparison to AAAAA and AAA: A comparison between Hearts and Arrows, AAAAA and AAA Round Brilliants
Light Champagne Hope Diamond Look Alike Light Champagne Hope Diamond Look Alike:
30x20mm cubic pear stone 30x20mm cubic pear stone: 30x20mm pear and 18/16and 14 mm round stones
8.5mm OEC Style 2 8.5mm OEC Style 2:
Asscher Cut 6.5mm Asscher Cut 6.5mm: A video demonstration of the 6.5mm Asscer cut stone.
Round brilliant warm 9mm Round brilliant warm 9mm:
8mm OMC 8mm OMC:
6.5mm 2cttw White 8 H&A Cut Martini Stud 6.5mm 2cttw White 8 H&A Cut Martini Stud: 14k white gold martini studs with 6.5mm white 8 H&A stone in each stud making total 2ct
10mm OMC 10mm OMC: A 10mm Old mine cut stone
White Rectangular Asscher 8x6mm White Rectangular Asscher 8x6mm:
8mm Warm Transitional cut 8mm Warm Transitional cut:
18mm Padperadscha Sunflower 18mm Padperadscha Sunflower: 18mm Padperadscha Sunflower cut
Star of Africa Star of Africa: Star of Africa look alike
Blue Sapphire French Blue Replica Blue Sapphire French Blue Replica: French Blue replica in blue sapphire colour
6mm Princess 6mm Princess: 6mm Princess Lab Created Yellow Sapphire
6mm Asscher 6mm Asscher: 6mm Asscher Lab Created Yellow Sapphire
10mm Cushion 10mm Cushion: 10mm Cushion Cut Lab Created Yellow Sapphire
10x8mm Rectangular Asscher 10x8mm Rectangular Asscher: 10x8mm Rectangular Asscher Cut Lab Created Yellow Sapphire
8mm Cushion 8mm Cushion: 8mm Cushion Cut Lab Created Blue Sapphire (top blue)
10x8mm Oval 10x8mm Oval: 10x8mm Oval Cut Lab Created Blue Sapphire (top blue)
8x6mm Emerald 8x6mm Emerald: 8x6mm Emerald Cut Lab Created Blue Sapphire (top blue)
9x6mm Pear 9x6mm Pear: 9x6mm Pear Cut Lab Created Blue Sapphire (top blue)
8x6mm Rectangular Asscher 8x6mm Rectangular Asscher: 8x6mm Rectangular Asscher Lab Created Blue Sapphire (top blue)
6mm Asscher 6mm Asscher: 6mm Asscher cut lab created blue sapphire (top blue)
6mm Princess 6mm Princess: 6mm Princess Cut Lab Created Blue Sapphire (top blue)
6mm Round 6mm Round: 6mm Round Lab Created Sapphire (Top Blue)
9.3mm in Daylight 9.3mm in Daylight: 9.3mm Light Champagne 8 Hearts & Arrows filmed in the shade on a summers day. See how it looks almost clear when filmed in sunlight.
8x7.5mm in Sunlight 8x7.5mm in Sunlight: Light Champagne 8x7.5mm Modern Radiant filmed in the sunlight.
Lab Created Black Opal 9x7mm Lab Created Black Opal 9x7mm:
Lab Created Opal 9x7mm Turquoise Lab Created Opal 9x7mm Turquoise:
9x7mm Dark Blue Lab Created Opal 9x7mm Dark Blue Lab Created Opal:
9x7mm White Opal 9x7mm White Opal:
Blue Sapphire Hope Diamond Look Alike Blue Sapphire Hope Diamond Look Alike:
40x30mm White Oval 40x30mm White Oval:
Tiffany Diamond Look Alike Tiffany Diamond Look Alike:
40mm White Sunflower Cut 40mm White Sunflower Cut:
White 30mm Asscher White 30mm Asscher:
Ring set with Old European Cut CZ Ring set with Old European Cut CZ:
Warm 8x6mm Colour H 2nd Gen OMC Warm 8x6mm Colour H 2nd Gen OMC :
Second Generation OMC 10mm Second Generation OMC 10mm:
10mm Square Original Radiant 10mm Square Original Radiant:
Padperadscha Round Brilliant 10mm Padperadscha Round Brilliant 10mm:
Round Brilliants Various Sizes Round Brilliants Various Sizes:
50mm Sunflower Cut 50mm Sunflower Cut:
20mm Round Brilliant 20mm Round Brilliant:
8mm Asscher Cut 8mm Asscher Cut:
10mm Princess Cut 10mm Princess Cut:
8x6 Modern Radiant 8x6 Modern Radiant:
48x35mm Pear Cut 48x35mm Pear Cut:
Created Alexandrite Colour Change 12x6mm Created Alexandrite Colour Change 12x6mm:
8mm Flowers & Hearts Cut 8mm Flowers & Hearts Cut:
8mm 10 Hearts & Arrows 8mm 10 Hearts & Arrows:
Millenium Star look alike Millenium Star look alike:
15mm Tanzanite CZ Heart 15mm Tanzanite CZ Heart:
Original Radiant Various Sizes Original Radiant Various Sizes:
8x6mm Emerald 8x6mm Emerald:
8mm Blue Sapphire Round Brilliant 8mm Blue Sapphire Round Brilliant:
Colour H 8mm OEC Colour H 8mm OEC:
6.5mm in Sunlight 6.5mm in Sunlight:
8.2mm 8 Hearts and Arrows 8.2mm 8 Hearts and Arrows:
10mm Champagne OEC 10mm Champagne OEC:
10mm Pink Flower & Hearts 10mm Pink Flower & Hearts:
10mm Flower & Hearts 10mm Flower & Hearts:
8mm 10 Hearts & Arrowss 8mm 10 Hearts & Arrowss:
8.2mm 8 Hearts & Arrows 8.2mm 8 Hearts & Arrows:
10x8mm Asscher 10x8mm Asscher: