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Special: Pre Order Cullinan I Cubic Zirconia

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These Pre Order gems are not in stock, although they show as being in stock, they cut to order which is why they are much cheaper. Usual cutting time is around 2 to 8 weeks.

Colour Description

The colour white means that the stone is clear, matching a colour D diamond. Colour D is the clearest most colourless possible colour of a diamond.

If you have photos or videos of this stone, or artwork or jewellery you have made using this stone, you can upload them below. The link includes the option to advertise your website if you have a website that sells jewellery with our stones in it.

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Small amounts of gems that can be easily told apart will be packaged together. If you would like them packed separately and labelled click here.

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Size Kiln
Per Gem
58.9x45.5mm (530.2)YesNo £

The equivalent diamond carat sizes are shown in brackets.