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Diamond CZ

8 Hearts & Arrows: Warm (K-M)

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The 8 hearts and arrows cut are brilliant cut stones, but are cut to perfection, so they look even sharper and clearer. Most diamonds are not cut with hearts and arrows, only the most expensive ones are cut this way, it is the best round cut for diamonds and significantly adds to their price. These hearts and arrows cut stones can really make a difference to your jewellery. It is hard to show with photographs or video, so please buy one to compare.

An ideal scope is a scope that views a diamond in a certain light. The light shows the perfection of the cut, the clearer the hearts and arrows pattern, the more perfect the cut.

Colour Description

This material has yellow colour added to it to try to make it match natural diamonds which are colour K-M. The material is roughly graded from the rough material and not the actual gemstones, so may be outside of the range K-M.

If you have photos or videos of this stone, or artwork or jewellery you have made using this stone, you can upload them below. The link includes the option to advertise your website if you have a website that sells jewellery with our stones in it.

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Small amounts of gems that can be easily told apart will be packaged together. If you would like them packed separately and labelled click here.

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Size Kiln
Per Gem
3mm (0.097ct)YesYes £
3.5mm (0.154ct)YesYes £
4mm (0.23ct)YesYes £
4.5mm (0.34ct)YesYes £
5mm (0.45ct)YesYes £
5.5mm (0.63ct)YesYes £
6mm (0.78ct)YesYes £
6.5mm (1ct)YesNo £
7mm (1.24ct)YesNo £
7.5mm (1.59ct)YesNo £
8mm (1.84ct)YesNo £
8.5mm (2.32ct)YesNo £
9mm (2.76ct)YesNo £
9.5mm (3.24ct)YesNo £
10mm (3.8ct)YesNo £
11mm (5ct)YesNo £
12mm (6.2ct)YesNo £