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Sales & Unique: Faulty Stones

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These are random faulty stones of mostly cubic zirconia. These are stones that have been found to have chips or other flaws, cut wrong, or have been returned. They will be chosen by scooping out random gems with a gem scoop and weighing them.

If you have photos or videos of this stone, or artwork or jewellery you have made using this stone, you can upload them below. The link includes the option to advertise your website if you have a website that sells jewellery with our stones in it.

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Small amounts of gems that can be easily told apart will be packaged together. If you would like them packed separately and labelled click here.

Home Faulty Stones Hope Diamond Half Moon CZ French Blue Thin Star Cut Unknown Brown Gem Glass Flawed Ruby Culet Oval
Vintage Cushion Flat Rose Princess Glass French Blue Modern Radiant Faulty Asscher Brilliant Cushion Canary Cushion

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